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How Do I Care For My Sterling Silver Jewelry?

Frequent cleaning is recommended to maintain true beauty. Salt water, chlorine in swimming pools, soap and perspiration take their toll on sterling silver jewelry. The best maintenance is to remove your sterling silver jewelry when swimming in salt water or swimming pools, also remove your sterling silver jewelry prior to bathing.  Wipe your sterling silver jewelry carefully with a soft cloth to keep it clean and free of these elements which oxidizes.  The best way to clean in places that a polishing cloth will not reach is very simple and you probably already have what you need in your kitchen.  Take a small bowl that will hold about a half quart of water and line it with aluminum foil.  Add hot water and a tablespoon of Tide or Arm and Hammer washing powder (not liquid or with bleach) and stir.  The boric acid in the washing powder causes a reaction with the aluminum foil and the tarnish will leave the sterling silver and attach its self to the aluminum.  Place your sterling silver jewelry in the solution for about 1 minute and rinse with clean water and air dry.  If you have a build-up of dirt in hard to reach places, just put a little dish washing liquid in a bowl of water and soak over night.  This will usually loosen the dirt enough that it will release itself from the sterling silver jewelry, if this does not work, use a soft tooth brush to loosen the dirt and soak it again. To keep your sterling silver jewelry from tarnishing when not being worn, store it wrapped in a soft cloth and placed in a zip lock plastic bag.  What causes sterling silver to tarnish is air, and when it is not in use the more you can keep it sealed the less it will tarnish.


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